Ministry of Road Transport & Highways has established this center for .Bridge Management. at Indian Academy for Highway Engineers (IAHE) at NOIDA. The center is presently managed by M/s IDDC Engineers Pvt. Ltd till 2018. Field Consultants have been appointed to source data about Bridge Inventory and Bridge status on annual basis and the same being update in the database created at the center.

The main objective of this center is to preserve the highway assets of our country.

Main Features of Indian Bridge Management System (IBMS) :-


IBMS is fully owned system by the Ministry and is unique with following features:

  • Inventory of all bridges on national highways
  • Classification of bridges as per Indian Road Congress Special publication no 35
  • Data base of Bridge data along with classification details
  • Automated inspection and testing intervention to be generated under IBMS to Implement at the field by various consulting Bridge Engineers
  • Management of bridge data to define technical requirement of rehabilitation and retrofitting.
  • Definition of required remedial and maintenance measures essential in the service life of the bridge




JUNE 2015:

IBMS started function in June 2015, when IDDC Engineers Pvt. Ltd established the center at IAHE, NOIDA. The setup is sufficient to cater to about 16 technical staff and 5 support staff.



IBMS software prepared by Primera Software Solutions Inc of USA was fully ready and Beta testing of the same was conducted on NH 24 wherein about 15 bridges data was collected and validated by Team IDDC.



IBMS tablet software is handed over to all Field Consultants alongwith a working manual of coding to be adopted by them when they inventories the bridges.